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“Lee Anderson's SARNA'S RANSOM is a top-notch fantasy. The author has created a plausible but fantastical world that is a non-stop wild ride.” Jack McLeland, finalist for the Heideman Award

“A wonderland of plot twists…a solid 5 thumbs up for a prolific and widely published writer I want to see more of.” Eric Madeen, author of Water Drumming in the Soul.

In a twilight realm of men and monsters, only a gifted young princess can save them all…

Sarna is a princess mysteriously blessed with magic. She seeks training in the ways of a shaman cult but is instead forced to learn from her kidnapper, a bandit who takes her for ransom before falling in love with her. He becomes her teacher, her tormentor and her lover. Meanwhile, an unseen darkness gathers, threatening to destroy their world forever…

At once adventurous and stirring, The Books of Jyn take place in a land of primitive people turned civilized within mere decades. A sudden sorcery has found their world, and with power comes corruption, then treachery. The tensions of the kingdoms’ political and economic battles boil over until one of them commits a desperate act -- summoning an evil that threatens to destroy them all…


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