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Available Now in Paperback and Ebook

“I squirmed, I cringed, I gritted my teeth and held my breath…And that ending…. I just…. WHAT? I don’t even know what to say. Amazing? Exhilarating? Nerve-racking? Total WTF moment? It was soooooo good!” Jessica Scurlock, author of Pretty Lies

"It was VISCERAL for me as a reader in a way that all great horror/thrillers are. You want to be in it and at the same time you want to run the hell away from it as fast as you can!" Amanda Nicole Ryan, author of Keeper

Charlie Sparks is a small town sheriff, his career derailed by rampant scandal and corruption. When faced with solving the gruesome campsite murder of a young family, Sparks suspects two recent escape convicts. He also sees a chance to redeem himself. The sheriff and his search party set out into the woods to find the convicts. What they discover instead is a beastly terror, driven by a voracious hunger for human flesh.

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