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“(Wilde’s) unusual lyricism stamps her characters and their sordid choices with authenticity. The result is an insider’s lens on the grislier truths behind beauty and privilege.The Miami Herald 

The fashion world is turned upside-down with the overdose death of a young wannabe. Scrutiny lays bare the debauchery of today's modeling biz...

Model Ophelia Lake has an addiction–-to Drexel Waters, a suave, sociopathic male model. When Drexel inadvertently causes the overdose death of a younger model, her billionaire father becomes hell-bent on revenge.

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The South Beach Crime Thriller Series is a collection of novels taking place in South Miami Beach, Florida. Exotic locations and decadent living combine with hard-edged criminals, and even harder-edged good guys to make for some of the most gripping stories in modern crime fiction. Expect the unexpected on every page!


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