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“I had the most fun in years reading this book.” Chandler Kitching, author of The Art of Doing Nothing

“The action never fully lets up.” Gail M Baugniet, author of the Pepper Bibeau Mystery Series

In a city of cruelty and deception, one wrong move could mean life or death.

Violence and mystery lurk in the shadows of South Miami Beach. Homicide detective Trace Strickland is plunged into the depths of this underworld when his stripper girlfriend Nora is brutally murdered.

With his back to the wall, Trace launches a desperate investigation to clear his name. The clues he uncovers lead him to a series of shocking revelations—the involvement of his girlfriend in organized crime, the presence of an elusive serial killer, and the unexpected partnership with Camila, Nora’s exotic dancer friend who quickly becomes more than just an informant.

Trace and Camila find themselves in a race against time, as they battle against their own demons to uncover the truth and bring to justice the person responsible for Nora’s death.

Suspense, taut action, and a driving plot, Sweet Demon Love Baby is an edge-of-your-seat thriller that will keep readers breathless until its shocking conclusion.

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